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Need an online option? Overbeke Driving School partners with a state-certified online course that satisfies the requirement for 24-hours of in-class training. Click here to register and begin your classroom hours from anywhere with an internet connection! Once you have completed two hours of online training, you can sign up for your behind-the-wheel training for one of the least expensive rates in town, only $275.00!!


If you are attending the classes at the Hawken Lower School building, please enter on Clubside Dr. and proceed to the back of the building. The entrance for the classes will be at the Lower School Pickup, NOT the front entrance to the campus.

About The Overbeke School of Driving

We began in 1993 with the purpose of providing a quality drivers education program for its students. Getting a drivers license is one of the most eagerly awaited milestones in the life of an adolescent. The responsibilities and dangers implicit in operating an automobile are clear to the parents of our children. Our young people, however, do not always recognize the need to approach their new status with maturity and skills necessary to manage the risks they will inevitably encounter in their driving. The mission of this school, therefore, will be to identify and encourage safe, competent motoring skills for its students. Instructional strategies are selected to provoke students into making logical decisions about safety concerns. Relevant dialogue is encouraged and connects theoretical motoring issues to in-car, hands on situations.