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Behind the Wheel With ADHD Parent Webinar

Keep your teen with ADHD safe behind the wheel with the help of this webinar. Gayle and Ann offer specific tools and strategies to help mitigate the risks and confusion associated with the new driver who experiences symptoms of ADHD. The new parent webinar series:

  • Presents new research on the part anxiety plays in traffic safety for ADHD teens
  • Alerts you to the special dangers of distracted driving for ADHD teens
  • Explains how you can use the coaching approach to work more effectively with your ADHD teen
  • Demonstrates the latest technologies available to support your efforts as parents to mitigate distractions
  • Shows you how stimulant medications impact driving competency
  • And much more

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Parent Webinar + Videos Package

Get the Parent Webinar plus these Parents Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers videos:

  • Learning to drive, always starts in an empty open parking lot - Section #1 (6 videos)
  • Driving on the road/highway - Section #2 (6 videos)
  • Always Expect the Unexpected - Section #3 (6 videos)
  • Bonus Videos - Section #4 (3 videos)

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