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About Our Driving School

Our Mission

Since 1993, the Overbeke School of Driving has been dedicated to providing quality driver's education to students in Northeastern Ohio.

Our mission is to educate, encourage and help students of all ages develop competent, safe driving skills and help them understand the responsibilities and dangers implicit in the operation of a motor vehicle. Our ADHD Certified Driving School has one of the highest first-time success pass rates in Ohio and is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Our Team

While working as an Emergency Medical Technician, Ari noticed that many drivers (teens in particular) didn't quite know what to do when confronted with an emergency vehicle. This concerned him, and he felt that he needed to do something about it. Ari became a driving instructor and then the owner of Overbeke Driving School. 

Overbeke Driving School focuses on providing students with the tools and information they need to become educated, safe, and well-informed drivers. We not only provide driving instruction to teens but also help individuals with disabilities as well as educated adult drivers to improve their driving skills with our own Mature Driving Curriculum.

Overbeke Staff

  • Ari Klarfeld, Owner / Lead Driving Instructor
  • Ariana Klarfeld, Owner / Office Management
  • Madison Judge Administrative Assistant
  • Peter Ferris, Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • Alton Spearman, Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • Matthew Georgantis, Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • Jon Short, Behind-the-Wheel Instructor, In-Class Instructor
  • James Fleming, Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • Kendall Huffman Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • Ryan Jones Behind-the-Wheel Instructor
  • Alexander Gallagher Behind the Wheel Instructor

Hours of Operation:

In-Office- 9am-5pm (Monday- Friday) Messages left on Saturday will be answered on Monday

Texts and Emails are always strongly recommended over phone calls and will be answered as quickly as possible

Behind the Wheel Lessons- 7:30am-9:00pm (7 Days a week)

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