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Drivers Ed FAQ

FAQ's and step by step instructions to make the most challenging of Driver's Education in 2023, as simple and educational possible.

1. At what age can my child begin taking driver's education?

Students may begin their Drivers Education classes either in person or on our Zoom platform At the age of 15 and 5 months.

2. When can my new driver obtain their temporary learner's permit?

You may obtain your learners permit and begin driving with a parent Or legal guardian at the age of 15 and 6 months.

3. When can my new driver begin to drive with a driving instructor, who's vehicle and insurance are used and is there any fee to the family if a crash does occur?

Student drivers are required to hold their temporary permit for a minimum of 6 months (180 days) before they are allowed to sit for the in road driving test. However, according to a law put in place on May 01, 2022, the new student driver must be complete with their in class/distance learning or self paced program and obtain a passing score on the written test at the end of their last lesson. Once the student has obtained the learner's permit and has completed the new law requirements, they may begin to schedule their behind the wheel training with our school. There is a 20.00 gas fee to be paid in any 1 (only one) behind the wheel lesson and is given to the driving instructor, typically at the students first lesson. All driving lessons are completed with a very well trained Driving Instructor Trainer and has exceeded the minimum requirements from the state until we feel the instructor is suitable as a driving instructor. If I would not put my own child in a car with an individual who I feel may not be up to my standards, then they are not licensed as instructors for this company until they meet or exceed my expectation. Unlike many other schools in the fine print- we DO NOT charge the student or their family for the use of a vehicle, insurance and in a rare crash circumstanc, we would never make the family or the child pay the driving school for these actions. We provide a Licensed Instructor, driving a labeled Drivers Education vehicle, equipped with a secondary auxiliary brake on the Instructor side of the vehicle. The insurance for driver training meets and exceeds the state minimum amount and under no circumstanc would we ever request payment for any damage to one of our vehicles or our instructors. If, in a rare case a student is issued a citation during a driving lesson, Ari Klarfeld, the owner, will do whatever he can, using his own legal counsel to reduce a court appearance or conviction in order to have the best interest of the family and the student in mind, at all times. Please understand that during the course of Driving, whether a new driver or a seasoned one, crashes may occur (again, rare) but student are taught what to do in the case of these types of situations.

Online Classroom

What do I do after I complete the online course?

Is Online Driver Training an approved method of completing the In-Class portion?

How old do I need to be to take the online class?

Road Test

May I use one of your cars to take the road test?

How do I schedule a road test?

How long do I have to hold my temporary license before I can test?

What do I need to bring to take the road test?

What happens if I fail the road test?

Behind the Wheel

Can you send me an expedited Certificate of completion?

Will you pick me up?

What will I learn on the road?

Can I request a specific driving instructor?

What if I need to cancel my driving lesson?

Are you instructors licensed?

Can I use my own car?

Do I need to have my own car insurance for behind-the-wheel?

How do I sign up for driving lessons?

Do I need a temporary permit to schedule my in-cars?

How long can I drive with an instructor?

When can I start the behind-the-wheel lessons?


Are there any documents needed to be signed before my child goes on a lesson?

What are you doing to keep my child safe during In Car lessons?

My child's temp expires soon, but my in car lessons are after that, what do I do?

In Class

What will I learn in class?

Do I need to check in before going to class?

What If I can't make it to a lesson?


What safety equipment are your cars equipped with?

How do I pay?

Do I need a temporary license to start driver ed?

How long does it take to complete the program?

I signed up online, now what?

What does the state of Ohio require for driver training?

How much time do I have to complete the program?

I went out of town after I started my drivers ed and my 6 months are up. What do I do?

Does my insurance company offer a discount for taking driver's education?

What is your refund policy?

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