In Car Registration

Before signing up for in car make sure you meet these requirements:

  1. You must have attended at least one classroom session (for in-class students) or for online students, have received your certificate of enrollment
  2. All financial obligations to the driving school must be met before in-car lessons can be scheduled
  3. You must have a validated state temporary license
  4. If you cancel an in-car lesson less than 24 hours before your appointment, you may be liable for a $50 penalty fee
  5. During one of the four in-car lessons, you will be required to put $20  of gas into the training vehicle ($30 for distances outside the east-side suburbs)
  6. Tipping at the conclusion of the final in-car lesson is always appreciated but never required

If you are doing the online driver’s education course, please remember that you are NOT allowed to sign up for your driving test until after you have received your final certificate from our driving school.  Once you receive the final certificate from your online course, please contact us immediately so we can prepare and deliver your final certificate.

NOTE: By filling out the in-car registration, your name is put on the list of driving students waiting to be placed with an in-car instructor. When one of our in-car instructors has an opening, we give them students names in order they were placed on the list. The in-car instructor will contact you to schedule your lessons.

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